can AI write a good Scrum Master resume?

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Hey Reader,

I have already done a video on ChatGPT and how it can help with some menial tasks.

I know that the AI hype is dying down a little bit, but not completely.

So I decided to come back to it and see whether it can help me with a resume.

And it did. And honestly, the key points ChatGPT wrote were pretty good.

It can be helpful in understanding what skills and knowledge are relevant to the role!

Because if ChatGPT pulled in that info, it means that employers are looking for it.

Look at this:

Results-oriented Scrum Master with [X] years of experience leading agile development teams to deliver high-quality software products. Skilled in facilitating Scrum ceremonies, fostering collaboration, and removing impediments to drive project success. Strong knowledge of agile principles and practices, combined with excellent communication and leadership abilities. Committed to continuous improvement and delivering value to stakeholders.

We can see all of the key elements of the Scrum Master role: facilitation, leadership, removing impediments, and working with stakeholders.

Now compare it to what I had in my resume a few years ago:

5 years of experience in a Scrum Master role working hands-on with the software engineering teams. Experience working with non-technical teams and remote teams. Proven track record of standing up new teams by using best agile practices and tools, such as Impact and User Story Mapping. Demonstrated ability to work with senior leadership, middle management and team level at the same time. Strong training skills on agile topics (aspiring Professional Scrum Trainer with

Looks quite similar doesn't it?

So I can say that ChatGPT can be quite helpful when it comes to doing some initial research.

And, yes, I talked about it in my previous video on this topic. This little task just proves it.

Without further ado, here is the video and the blog post. I hope you find it helpful.

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